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Łukasz Habiera NAWER

Born in 1980 in Łódz (PL), he lives and works in Cracow (PL)

Polish artist NAWER has been involved in street art since the mid-1990s. He graduated from the Architecture and Urbanism program in Krakow and in 2003 focused his energies on painting.. Nawer’s art has been featured in solo and group shows as well as online and in various print publications. Recently Nawer has collaborated with the Design Collective, Temporary Space, in a series of audio visual performance projects that combine his artwork with the latest in video and 3-D mapping techniques. In 2015 Takashi Murakami invited him for solo show to his gallery in Tokyo. Nawer’s artwork was presented in galleries around the world Los Angeles , Paris , San Francisco , Marakesch , London, Tokyo, Turin, Berlin.


Nawer states that as his own style evolves, “the goal is always to strive forward in an effort to connect painting with architecture.” He does this both on and off the street, in projects including murals, canvases, and multi-media installations. This goal is pursued with aerosol, masking tape, X-ACTO blades, stencils, and precision. He often selects public and functional spaces for his large-scale work, and then creates detailed sketches at a small scale before starting on the walls. Two-dimensional surfaces are given volume, mass, color, space, and rhythm — the basic elements of architecture — as he superimposes them with geometric planes, shifting axes and multiple perspectives which result in the illusion of 3-D. 

Like a deconstructed targeting computer on an x-wing starfighter, lines intersect planes / slide past or fit into or bisect other planes / dynamically shoot past shapes at sharp angles towards or away from the viewer. Nawer’s color palette reinforces the perception of depth. Black, white, and neutrals are activated with intense or fluorescent colors which punch forward. Cleanly defined shapes sometimes appear to be transparent revealing layers of geometry. At other times planes are filled with a texture of paint drips, which introduce a human quality to these perfectly executed graphics.

Text © NAWER