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Multi-disciplinary contemporary artist Koralie develops her work on construction (symmetry and repetition), juxtaposition/layering and the balance inspired by phyllotaxis, architecture and arts and crafts. She merges elements from different origins, Human and Nature creation, ethnic and contemporary patterns to create a multicultural, dreamlike harmony.

Originally from a small village in the “little Camargue”, Koralie studied architecture in Montpellier (1995-2001), in parallel she began to exhibit, and discovered graffiti, a revelation which pushed her to paint on city walls since 1999. She becomes one of the first French woman to express herself illegally in situ. Painting, drawing and constructing models are her passions since childhood, she then quickly devoted herself to her vocation and became an established artist. Settled for 4 years in the Basque country with her husband SupaKitch (notorious artist) and their 2 children, after spending 4 years in Brooklyn and 4 years in Paris.

She draws inspiration from her travels, different cultures and traditions from around the world: folkloric and traditional  costumes, emblematic monuments, and animist rituals, which offer a rich aesthetic, a variety of symbols . She likes to break down borders by mixing elements of these different origins, traditional and contemporary, and wishes to create a dreamlike multicultural harmony.
The elegance of her singular work translates into a search for graphic and ethnic balance that intertwine architectural (symmetry, repetition) and organic (weaving, braiding) geometry.
Her techniques, her mediums and her tools vary according to her message and her projects: paintings on canvas or murals, sculptures in wood and weavings, vectorial drawings, installations, videos …

During a span of 12 years, she became known for her Geishkas, sensual and modest characters half geisha / half matriochka mixed with the spirit of Kachinas, she painted in different part of the  world. Then starting in 2012, she created chimerical architecture in art deco style.
Finally, in recent years, she has created a technique of stencils that she defines as a new language of creation: each stencil is an element of her score, she composes from different original patterns some kaleidoscopic rosettes and palm garden, honouring nature.

Text © Koralie