inquiry on availabe artworks

The artist Christian Hinz aka “Kera”, born 1985 in Berlin, has been working with colour, printing techniques, and designing and painting facades for more than 20 years now.
His artistic work is geometric and abstract, but at the same time spacial. Thereby, graphics and aesthetics play a big role.

The artwork is driven from a combination of capturing his surrounding in connection with
its colours, as well as impulses taken from the artists love for haptic and technical things.
Kera`s work is highly impacted by his graphic design studies and the passion for straight lines, structure and surface. Whereas, the longstanding use of spray paint, brushes and wall paint helped him develop hisown style.

Murals and “Kunst am Bau” (art on architecture) projects can be found worldwide, from Qatar, over Mexico to Great Britain and in many more European spots. The artist has also been and will be represented by galleries and art fairs, for which he painted on canvas or formed objects, representing his style in a compact and more detailed way.

Since 2012, Kera works as freelance artist, and can now even pass on his fascination and passion for printing techniques as a lecturer at the “Jugendkunstschule Berlin-Steglitz”.

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