Ju Schnee is an interdisciplinary illustrator and visual artist based in Berlin. Her work is
extremely bright and colorful, energetic and vibrant. It ranges from digital illustration
and motion design, to real life 3D installations and murals. Ju always works in an abstract way, combining her typical shape with multiple media.

Her story started in Austria, where she studied Information Design (BA) and Communiction (MA) in her hometown Graz. 2017 Ju moved to Berlin and started with personal illustration in Berlin. Since 2020 she has her own studio, which is located in Berlin Mitte.

„I am in love with shapes, colors and textures. Bauhaus, Memphis, Japanese Graphic Design and Surrealism were the most formative movements for my work. That’s why I work with abstract and vibrant elements.
Wether it’s an animation, a mural or an installation. I incorporate my shapes in every piece of my work. For me it’s magical to tell story just with abstract elements and special textures. But most important: I want o spread joy. Without joy all my work means nothing“

Text © Ju Schnee