inquiry on availabe artworks

“I like the paradox of having a very mechanical way of painting, that finds its beauty in the mistakes and accidents happening along the way.“ Flavien Demarigny, 2018.

Multiple layers of simple vertical brushstrokes characterize Flavien’s particular manner for his abstract paintings. […] Every single vertical brushstroke in Flavien’s painting represents one element that operates though the collectivity on the canvas. Through a very minimal, conceptual and repetitive creative practice, Flavien reflects human coexistence in the world. Therefore humanity is a main concern of the artist’s body of work. He is fascinated and inspired by the power, the beauty and the chaos that humanity is able to create. Especially, the ingenuity of the individual versus the folly of the collectivity, is a key concept that the artist visualizes in his pantings. Flavien deeply believes that only the force of nature is capable of creating long term beauty.
In 2015, Mambo started with a new series of abstract paintings. When Mambo confronted the public with his very new and different approach he decided to sign them with his first name, Flavien, because they appeared exceedingly different from his well-known paintings. These canvases consist of a rather geometrical, texture and color variations. Vertical brushstrokes are the simple yet effective trademark of Flavien’s series. The technic is a result of a long-standing study and experience in art, but also influenced by the assistant years to Sol LeWitt, in the mid 90’s. Different art movements as well as artists inspired Flavien’s artistic practice, such as: Franck Stella, Yayoi Kusama, Ellsworth Kelly, Piet Mondrian and Jackson Pollock, as well as Folk and Aboriginal Art.

Text © Tania Di Brita from Kolly Gallery